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Large Loss – Consulting Services

Large losses with building technologies after catastrophic events are a complex process. The size of the loss and insurance coverage must be considered, and the resulting loss exposures must be established. These determinations require a combination of experience, qualifications, creative solutions, and effective communication for best results.

The professional consultants of 24/7 Building Technology Consultants have years of experience in helping claims adjusters and business owners reach an understanding of such a loss. 

Large loss events typically involve contents, electronics equipment and/or embedded electronic technology. In addition, electrical, HVAC and network infrastructures can also be compromised.

Our consultants provide consultation services and on-site evaluation as to the feasibility of the restoration process, to help our clients determine their best step forward.

Through our many years of experience, our consultants can provide an estimation of repair, documentation for the clerk of record and recommend qualified electronics restoration teams to assist at the loss location.

Our consultants provide real-time communication, working side-by-side with facilities management, general contractors, environmental hygienists, biomedical and manufacturer representatives to assess the condition of potentially affected electronics and their proper functionality.

Our consultants can provide reports and updates as required by the adjusters and insureds.

Large Loss Job Highlights

Tulsa, OK – In the summer of 2014, a large retailer occupying 300,000 SF of warehouse floor space had over 4000 television units damaged by an accidental fire sprinkler activation. The consultants of  24/7 Building Technology Consultants were asked to come to the scene of the loss and advise all parties involved on the best resolution.

Our expert advise helped the retailer salvage and sell more than 3800 large screen televisions that had been compromised, reducing the loss for all parties. 

Albuquerque, NM – The consultants of  24/7 Building Technology Consultants were asked to assess a casino hotel’s restaurant after it had been damaged by fire. This was on the eve of Memorial Day weekend, one of the largest revenue generating weekends for the hotel.

Our consultants worked with the hotel’s management staff and claims adjuster to quickly assess the situation and call in equipment restoration crews. The crews worked around the clock and restored all of the restaurant equipment, getting it back up and running before the holiday weekend.

Page, AZ – The high school in Page, AZ experienced a fire in an equipment room that spread smoke and soot throughout the school. The consultants of  24/7 Building Technology Consultants were asked to evaluate the potential loss of over 300 computers, printers, projectors, and audio video equipment.

Our consultants worked with the claims adjuster and called in an experienced electronics restoration company that successfully restored 98% of the equipment.

New York – During Hurricane Sandy, the consultants of  24/7 Building Technology Consultants were asked to come to a large warehouse to assess the damage to electronic equipment that was caused by floodwaters.  

Our consultants advised the client and recommended an experienced equipment restoration company who helped get the business back up and running within days.

Ada, OK – The consultants of  24/7 Building Technology Consultants were asked to come to Ada, OK to assess the damage to more than $150,000 in medical equipment caused by water damage.  

After working with the claims adjuster our consultants called in an experienced restoration team who were able to restore over 98% of the equipment and was able to get the Operating Room back up and running in 3 days, thus limiting the business interruption liability.


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• Non-Salvage Reporting
• Lighting Damage
• Equipment Failure
• Data Recovery
• Restore vs. Replace analyst

As our reputation for cost effective results has grown nationwide, so have our requests for consulting and forensics. Clients who need immediate advice rely on us. We have extensive and proven experience in electronics engineering, operational processes, restoration vs. replacement analysis, hardware, software networking, and telecom support.

Consulting Examples

Redding, CA – 24/7 Building Technology Consultants were called by an insurance company to assess over $150,000 worth of building technologies equipment at a casino that had been damaged by lightning. 24/7 Building Technology Consultants  were able to provide a detailed report on what could be salvaged and non-salvaged, saving the insurance companies thousands of dollars.

Tulsa, OK – 24/7 Building Technology Consultants  were called to inspect a $150.000 Virtual Reality “active shooter” system for the government that was damaged by vandals. The 24/7 Building Technology Consultants were able to recommend a plan of action to get the unit repaired, saving time and money for the government and insurance company.